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Fogits’ Mission, Vision and Story have always been about INNOVATION

12Years of Experience in IT

Fogits is a fast-growing ICT company in Tunisia. We offer a variety of IT services to help make a remarkable digital transformation and achieve goals with an optimized ROI.
We combine passion with skills to give birth to a successful IT project. Therefore, we are developing on Open-source software that meet all expectations of our stakeholders.
Placing our customers and their satisfaction at the heart of our strategy and work every day to respect our commitments to our partners.
Our History

Since when we offer IT Solutions that guarantee your SUCCESS ?

Starting in 2011
We have grown step by step. We have proudly fulfilled a decent amount of achievements. Our story began in 2011 with TWO young ambitious developers to make our dream come true.
A new stability in 2014
As our belief in our talent was stronger than the challenges we have faced, we managed to persist throughout the years. We established another technical office in Sfax, with 12 Developers.
From hope to success in 2019
FOGITS has been witnessing a continuous change and a prominent growth. For instance + 78 Projects were successfully realized. + 48 Clients have expressed their satisfaction for collaborating with us. Consequently, we gained the trust of more than 15 Partners. We were aiming for going BEYOND BORDERS with our expertise, and SO WE DID!!

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