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The IPBX Asterisk is an open source and proprietary PBX for UNIX, Mac OS and Windows systems. It allows, among others, voicemail, queues, call agents, standby music and call cautions/ distribution. Discover more about Zimbra, pfSence, Proxmox VE, GLPI.


Our solution

Proprietary FXO / FXS / PABX Cards
It allows to completely replace, through FXO / FXS cards, a proprietary PABX, and to add VoIP features to turn it into an IP PBX. It also makes it possible to work completely in VoIP, through SIP or IAX phones on the market.
Call Routing
Finally, call routing features, voice menu and voice mailboxes - among others - place it at the level of the most complex PBXs.
Call processing
One or more central units will be dedicated to call handling and will be supported by auxiliary servers managing secondary tasks (such as a database, voice mailboxes, conferences).


Asterisk meets all the expectations with several advantages such as facilitating a quick integration into an existing network and above all makes it possible to save on calls.