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Docker platform allows you to design, test, and deploy applications quickly. Docker integrates software into standard units called containers, and each one has all the necessary elements for their operation, including libraries, system tools, code, and the runtime environment. Discover more about Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible, Open Slack.


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Docker also offers a high degree of portability, allowing users to register and share containers on a wide variety of hosts in public and private environments.
It makes it possible to develop applications more efficiently, using fewer resources, and to deploy these applications faster. By eliminating the virtualization layer, resource-intensive, Docker would reduce RAM consumption by 4 to 30 times.
Rapidity and Easy deployment
In docker, a command to run the container starts in seconds. We can add parameters at startup that will be transmitted to the container.


Docker is the most popular and used container platform.
By using it, the developer can quickly and easily have development environments without requesting the deployment of VM of its provider or its infrastructure team.