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Proxmox is is an open-source server virtualization platform. It offers the ability to manage virtual servers (VPS) with OpenVZ and Linux KVM technologies at the same time. The management is easily done whithin a few clicks through the web interface that is accessible after installation on your server. Discover more about Zimbra, pfSence, GLPI, Asterisk.


Our solution

Hardware/ Full virtualization
KVM: Allows the virtualization of any operating system on x64 architecture processors with Intel_VT or AMD-V technologies.The firewall status table maintains information about open network connections.
Container Virtualization (OpenVZ)
Enables the creation of isolated Linux-only operating system instances, called Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Virtual Environments (VEs), or Containers.
Proxmox VE supports clustering
Which means that multiple installations of Proxmox VE can be centralized and controlled through the Cluster function included in the software administration interface.


Proxmox VE – Virtual Environment – is a free hypervisor for managing virtual machines (KVM) and Linux containers (LXC) on a single physical machine.