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Fogits suggests vTiger CRM (an integrated customer relationship management) to give you the full picture by breaking the barriers between the Marketing, Sales and Support teams to offer you a complete view of your client. Discover more about Odoo.


Our solution

Interfacing with external data sources
vTiger CRM also offers the possibility of interfacing with external data sources by synchronizing with Thunderbird / Outlook / Web Form and more.
Connected applications in CRM
Vtiger already has dozens of connected applications. For exemple Contact Management, Appointment Scheduling, Mailbox for Teams, Sales Pipeline, and more.
No installation needed on the client computers
vTiger CRM is fully exploitable via your browser: Multi-platform (PC / MAC), Multi-OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). It works in "web 2.0 mode".


vTiger is a simple and effective software with very complete features. As standard Multi-platform, integrable in all environments, scalable and customizable tool at the lowest cost.