GLPI / Fusion Inventory

GLPI / Fusion Inventory

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GLPI Solutions / Fusion Inventory proposed by Fogits Solutions company

GLPI is a web application to manage all your IT management issues. GLPI Solutions are a source of IT and ServiceDesk management: from inventory management of hardware or software components of a computer park to the management of user support. Discover more about Zimbra, pfSence, Proxmox VE and Asterisk.


Our solution

An ease of managing a large IT infrastructure
GLPI uses the principle of segmentation by entities for the good management of large IT infrastructures.
An ultimate decision support tool for IT managers.
This solution allows you tracking the complete life cycle of your IT resources
A complete access to IT resources
A detailed report on the management of the obsolescence of your IT equipment and the state of your software and licenses.
Real time visualization
Visualize in real time the status of each IT asset in your business with our automated multi-platform inventory built into GLPI.


GLPI is the best Open Source solution to support you in managing your IT assets with the least cost and in total security.