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pfSense Firewall is a free and open source distribution of FreeBSD. Based on PF (packet filter), as iptables on GNU / Linux, and it is renowned for its reliability.
The pfSense distribution is powerful, in large part because it is based on FreeBSD, but also quite simple to access, as it provides a web interface for configuration. Discover more about Zimbra, GLPIProxmox VE, Asterisk.


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Filter by source IP and destination
It is possible for incoming and outgoing traffic of all types of IP traffic (ICMP, UDP, TCP ...) and other protocols (IGMP, GRE, PIM, OSPF, ... and more than fifty other protocols)
Supervise your network
The firewall status table maintains information about open network connections. It has the particularity to monitor network traffic in real time and to provide complete statistics (traffic / machine / day, ration send / receive, interaction between machines).
Create VPN access
One of the many ways of using pfSense is combining its firewall capabilities with a VPN service. Running OpenVPN encryption on a separate firewall box improves both the VPN performance and security.


pfSence is a complete open source solution, that has a lot of features with a simple to use internet interface and a very high level of security with FreeBSD.