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OpenStack is a platform of creating and managing private or public clouds from virtual resource pools. The projects that make up the OpenStack platform provide the main cloud services, namely, computing, networking, storage, identity management and image management. Discover more about Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible.


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Private clouds
OpenStack private cloud distributions offer better results than internal approaches. A private cloud uses virtualization technologies to consolidate resources from physical hardware into shared pools.
Virtualization of network functions
Virtualization of network functions (NFV) with OpenStack, which consists of separating the main functions of a network for distribution in different environments, could be the next major technological breakthrough.
Public clouds
OpenStack is the first open source for creating public cloud environments. Regardless of your corporate structure, OpenStack allows you to build public clouds that rival those of the industry's largest suppliers.


OpenStack remains the leading open source solution for building and managing cloud computing platforms for public and private clouds.