Our Solutions

Fogits offers Zimbra Collaboration as an open, secure collaboration server for email, shared calendars, shared documents and more. Its complete and easy-to-use web interface provides a more innovative user experience in the computer messaging market. Discover more about GLPI, pfSence, Proxmox VE, Asterisk.


Our solution

Accessibility and portability
Your solutions are accessible from anywhere, From the office to the home. The web interface works from any operating system and can carry emails and files with you.
Mailbox organization
Possibility to classify its your mails efficiently. The means of "tags" allow to create categories and filters, which archive the mails in predefined groups.
Migration and adaptability
The migration to Zimbra is simple and fast. It is even possible to transfer the entire old database of your mail. After that, it will be integrated during the transfer with a synchronization with all mail clients.


Fogits provides a collaborative messaging solution to offer one of the most innovative user experiences in the email market.